Countryside life meets modern decor

In the middle of the work week, stepping into a home with exposed wood beams or decorative trusses can feel like decamping to a northwoods retreat. Natural tones from bronze to burgundy radiate an easy warmth. The unique pattern of each timber or stone reminds us of the beauty and variety of nature.

Custom chalet style decorative timber brackets and corbels

Rustic touches applied with a balanced sensibility

Rustic design isn’t just for lumberjacks and mountain men; it can be combined with more traditional designs for a transitional look. Bring unique character to your new home with just a few charming accents. Artfully crafted coffered ceilings balance rough and heavy rustic elements; and even a touch of unfinished wood, stone or iron can transport you to a simpler time.

This light fixture incorporates modern aesthetics with rustic materials. The exposed grain of unstained or lightly stained wood has both a rustic and modern sensibility.

Don’t forget stone!

This ancient building material evokes dwellings on the medieval countryside. The stone hearth of your castle radiates heat from the fire. Ocher and carob exposed timbers complement dark-stained wood and leather.

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