Modern Design Touches

The mantra of modern design: Less is More. Find peace and tranquility in your home by adopting this simple principle. Typically modern designs use a limited color palette and forego architectural details like crown moulding. By clearing away visual clutter, the modern sensibility seeks to enhance focus and functionality in every space.

The consistent use of geometric proportions, rectilinear lines, and smooth fields of color exemplify the archetypical modern home. Modern design’s understated character can add a sophisticated touch to any space. Below, the dark floor is balanced by the white coffered ceiling.

This bathroom also showcases a tightly controlled color palette, smooth unified surfaces, and gleaming hardware and fixtures. Neutral surroundings let your focus rest on the sculptural freestanding tub. This design incorporates eco-friendly stone effect tiles, which are lightweight and are easy to transport– saving both energy and money!

Inspired by classic mid-century modern architecture

Precipitated by the work of architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright, the 1960’s and 70’s saw a renascence in suburban homes. A reflection of a renewed desire for simplicity and return to nature, these homes were a departure from traditional popular forms.

This kitchen was built in 2014 but stays true to its mid-century roots, making use of classic modern proportions and materials. The considerate use of dark wood in the cabinets, island, and flooring keep the design warm and homey while maintaining the sleek look expected in modern design.

This kitchen fuses classic modern and futuristic contemporary elements. Combining mid-century inspired cabinets, metallic subway tile backsplash, and suspended helix light fixtures.

Make Modern Livable– combine contemporary design principles with traditional styling

It’s possible to enjoy a simple sophisticated space, without feeling like you live at the MOMA! When used sensibly, modernist ideals enhance and compliment traditional aesthetics.

This great room takes a few pages from the modern playbook, while still employing traditional detailing in the wood work and furniture. The minimal palette of natural wood floors, light and creamy vertical surfaces, with dark wood exposed beams lets artwork and furniture standout.

This transitional bathroom incorporates just a touch of modern design. Long and narrow porcelain plank tiles are an up-and-coming trend in interior design. Manufactured with the latest innovative technology, the wood look tiles in the shower stall have typical modern proportions with authentic natural texture.

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