Trending: Functional and Timeless Kitchens

by Kirsten Erikson, Designer

When designing a kitchen, many look to what is current and trendy, and over the past year, we have noticed three reoccurring themes in many of the kitchens we design.

Large Islands

Whether you’re entertaining or simply cooking for your family, people always tend to gather in the kitchen.  As a result, we have seen kitchen islands increasing in size to accommodate this.  Not only does it give people a place to gather, but it provides a lot of space to spread out while preparing meals.

In some instances, people are even incorporating double islands into their kitchens, so there is no shortage of seating – or storage.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry acts as an expansion of the kitchen, but is often tucked off to the side of the room or is hidden in another room altogether. They have been gaining in popularity due to their multi-functional nature, providing additional prep space that homeowners can tailor to their specific needs.

Some use butler’s pantries as a transition area between the dining room and kitchen, utilizing the space to set out food that will be served. Others have been known to use them as beverage stations.

They can also be used on a larger scale, acting as full functioning prep kitchens. In these instances, the bulter’s pantry often features a full refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink, all tucked behind the actual kitchen, in an attempt to keep all of the messy prep work tucked away out of site.

Painted Cabinets

Although white kitchens have been popular for several years now, the trend is still going strong.  This neutral color helps make the kitchen feel bright and clean, and it complements nearly any style.  A white kitchen is timeless, and it is because of its versatility that the trend has been so wildly successful.


For those looking to add a little color to their kitchen without going too over-the-top, gray cabinets may be a great option.  Over the past few years, gray has become the new neutral in wall color, and we’ve slowly seen it creep its way into kitchen cabinetry.  Much like white cabinets, gray cabinets work well with a variety of styles.  The key is to pick the right shade of gray to complement the overall feel of your kitchen.

When designing your dream home, it can be easy to get caught up in what is current and trendy.  Ultimately, design trends come and go, so the best piece of advice any designer can give you is to stay true to your style.  Unless you are remodeling in an attempt to turn around and sell your home, design it with your style in mind, and you’ll create kitchen you love.

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