Holiday Decorating Tips to Update Your Mantel

Decorating your mantel can be daunting, especially with so much inspiration swirling around at this time of year. While you might want to load your mantel with as many holiday decorations as possible, try taking a step back and appreciate that simplistic design is in this season. Instead, try pulling together a few key pieces you love and add simplistic accents to complement them. If you are planning to decorate in the next couple of weeks, or if you’ve already decorated but want to make a few updates, check out our 3 quick tips below for updating your mantel for the holidays.

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Incorporate a Simple Garland

Save yourself the hassle of a large garland with many decorations, and opt for a simple, plain garland. This will help to create a great base to add on other items, plus it is much easier to clean up and store. If you’re looking for an updated touch, incorporate a unique material like a wood bead garland to complement your greenery.

Add Different Textures, Patterns, and Materials

You can create a unique look by using simple pieces that vary in material and texture. We love how this mantel uses a chalkboard sign as a backdrop, metal planters, buffalo plaid and fur-topped stockings, and ceramic deer figurines. It blends well together while also adding interest to your decorated mantel. Check around your house for existing decor that you could use as a holiday decoration.

Layer, Layer, Layer

We mentioned above that simplistic design is trendy and functional, but that doesn’t mean your mantel has to be bare. Master the art of layering. You can use your garland and existing décor, like a mirror, frame, or painting, as a base. Start to add on thoughtful pieces that complement each other, layering items behind or on top of one another without overcrowding. A trick to mastering this is to choose pieces with varying heights and widths. Also, layer in a few items throughout your garland, like candles, ornaments, and branches. Staying within the same color palette will create a cohesive look. Experiment with different items to get a look that is unique to you!

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