Make Your Own Gonyea Gingerbread Home

Download Instructions and Template

What You’ll Need:
• A sturdy cardboard or foam base 2×3 ft
• Lots of thin cardboard (cereal boxes or pop boxes) for tracing pattern pieces
• Your paper pattern (print on 11×17 paper)
• Lots of tape (masking works best)
• Scissors
• An exacto knife
• Graham crackers (about 3 boxes)
• White fondant (a big box)
• Cereal for your roof (2-3 boxes)
• Tons of candy for decorating
• 3-4 tubs of royal icing or frosting
• Markers and colored pencils
• A candy can that has a 3/4 to 1 inch diameter

Extra Things That Are Helpful To Have On Hand:
• Extra people (the more you have the faster you can build)
• A bottle of wine (to keep your sanity)
• Plastic knives and spoons for spreading frosting
• A rolling pin
• A photocopier to make extra pattern pieces
• Patience

Total Time:
About 9 hours with three people working. This will take more or less time depending on the level of detail you want to add.

Home Construction

Let’s Get Started!
1. First, make multiple copies of your pattern pieces. This will help you in case you mess up or pieces get lost. We also later used pieces of our pattern to complete decorating.
2. Carefully cut out your pattern pieces. It’s helpful to label them.
3. Use your paper pattern pieces as a template and trace them on to the cardboard.
4. Cut out the cardboard pieces and label them.

Assemble Your Cardboard Wall Pieces
1. Use your masking tape to assemble the walls of your house. Don’t be afraid to use a lotof tape.
2. When you have your walls together, center your home on the base and use tape to attach it.

Get Graham-Crackering!
1. Keep in mind that your graham crackers will add significant strength to your home.
2. Attach your crackers, covering your cardboard pieces. A think layer of frosting works well.
3. You will need to trim crackers to make them fit. An exacto knife works really well for this.
4. If you have some holes/gaps, don’t worry. Keep in mind that fondant and frosting hide a lot of sins.
5. Make sure you add graham crackers to your gables as well.
6. Add your candy cane as the front post to give your structure some support.

Fondant Fun
1. Knead and roll out your fondant. The more you work with it, the easier it is to use.
2. Cover your graham crackers with a layer of fondant. Use your fingers to smooth out seams and imperfections.
3. Make sure you add fondant to your gables as well.
4. If you want to be fancy, use a knife or ruler to draw horizontal lines on your exterior walls (to look like siding).

The Roof
1. Tape your roof pieces together. Like before, use lots of tape.
2. Attach the main roof piece (the biggest one) first. A think layer of frosting will help keep your roof secure.
3. Next, attach the roof piece that connects the front porch section of the home with the rest of the home. Use tape if needed and a ton of frosting.
4. Add the smallest roof piece last.
5. Before you add your gable and the roof tiles, let your frosting settle for a while. About 15-20 minutes should do it.

A Gable For Glamour
1. Use tape to attach your gable roof to the window section.
2. Using a ton of frosting, attach the gable to the roof. Let it settle before adding your roof cereal tiles.

Decorating Tips

1. We used our pattern pieces to make our windows. We cut them out, colored them in and used frosting to attach them to the fondant walls.
2. The cereal roof tiles were added with frosting, working in horizontal rows.
3. Chocolate bars were used for the garage door and front door.
4. The snow was created using frosting as the base layer and shaved coconut on top.
5. Almonds were used to make the driveway.
6. M&Ms were used to make the front walkway.

Download Instructions and Template