A Few of Our Favorite Dinettes and Dining Rooms

Dining room and front entry of home

With Christmas right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some of our favorite Gonyea dining rooms and dinettes. We love to gather around the table with our own families, and we know it’s an important room to consider when building or buying. Our in-house design team has the experience knowledge to know what works in these spaces, and can help guide your decisions. Check out some of our favorite styles and elements we incorporated into our dining rooms and dinettes this year.

Modern dining room with white panel wall
A Touch of Industrial

We had to include this dining room in our list of favorites. The full wall paneling adds an interesting texture to the room, creating a more elegant dining experience. The light fixture teases an industrial style, while still combining the overall design of the home. We can definitely see family dinners around the table.

Refined Style

This dinette, located right off the kitchen in our Harriet Collection, is the perfect space to enjoy a holiday meal with your family. The built-in on the end provides extra storage for either the dinette or kitchen. Adding a final touch to farmhouse flair is the gorgeous six light pendant.

Modern dining room
Modern dining room with white panel wall
Farmhouse Sophistication

Contrasting light and dark millwork transform this Farmhouse style home into a sophisticated retreat. Dark cladded windows enhance the natural light that flows in through the side windows. A simple light fixture is the perfect partner for the many architectural details throughout the main level. You’ll definitely be eating in style.

Classic Elegance

This classic dining room creates the perfect canvas for a gorgeous holiday masterpiece. The white wainscoting adds a subtle interest within the neutral walls. It’s the perfect place to host a party, since many different color palettes can enhance this room.

Modern dining room with white panel wall
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