If you breezed through spring without taking preventative measures to maintain your home, now is the perfect time to get it done, since hot and long summer days are ahead. Regular home maintenance can help preserve your home, keep your family safe, and lower expenses year after year.

Below is a list of indoor and outdoor home maintenance tasks to help ensure your home is in tip-top condition. Although these tasks are imperative, it is important to schedule regular professional inspections throughout the year. Call a professional to perform any tasks with gas or electricity.

Download our checklist to check tasks as you go!

Home Maintenance Checklist

Indoor Home Maintenance

  • Check locks: Screws and deadbolts should be tight and working. Lubricate lock if needed.
  • Check electrical cords: Look for damage and frays. Replace cords to prevent risk of electrical shock.
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: Replace batteries. Make sure everyone in household can hear alarms.
  • Test sump pump GFCI: Test regularly. If not working, call a professional.
  • Check water heater: See owner’s manual for instructions.
  • Clean and switch direction of ceiling fans: Switching the rotation to counterclockwise in the summer allows for better air flow and is more efficient for your home.
  • Check AC system: Consider having it serviced by a professional.
  • Check the AC drain line: Check and contact a professional to clean drain line thoroughly.
  • Replace furnace filter: Change monthly.
  • Clean air exchanger filter: Clean filter every 3 months.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

  • Check intake vents: Clean debris from screens.
  • Check window weep holes and door tracks: Check and clean for debris and bugs.
  • Install window coverings: Keep windows covered during the day. This lowers solar gain, keeping your home cooler and more efficient.
  • Clean area around AC units: Prune shrubs and keep items clear from the unit.
  • Inspect irrigation system: Monitor your irrigation system and set up zones to only water as needed. This is environmentally friendly and can lower costs.
  • Lubricate garage doors: Makes sure doors are operating smoothly.
  • Clean gutters: Check drainage and blockages.
  • Inspect recreational equipment: Look for dangers and damage.