Trending: peaceful, clutter-free bathrooms

One of the trends we have recently had clients embrace is the “spa bathroom” because it satisfies our desire for peace and serenity. We crave place to get away from our hectic, modern lives, clear our minds, quiet our souls, and restore our bodies.

By using soft colors and natural materials, combined with large soaker tubs, steam showers, and spa-inspired fixtures, you can create a relaxing and luxurious vibe in your bathroom.

A scented steam shower provides the benefits of an aromatic steam room in your own home. It’s the perfect antidote for bitter wind chills and aching muscles.

Enjoy a private soak before bed for sound, restorative sleep.

Wood-look and linen-textured tile keeps the natural vibe flowing and white cabinetry feels fresh and clean. For a touch of modern simplicity, consider using large format tile on the walls or floor.

For a stimulating foot massage, use pebble mosaic tile in the shower.

Eliminating clutter has a calming effect, especially in the bathroom. We’ve seen linen cabinets in bathrooms for quite some time, but today’s storage goes above and beyond. People are getting creative and including outlets in drawers for hair dryers, specific storage for curling irons, entire make up vanities, and some have even been utilizing the toe kick (the recessed portion on the bottom of the cabinet) as a pull out step stool in children’s bathrooms.

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