Welcome Jon Cich, Cabinet Concierge

Gonyea Homes is pleased to welcome veteran cabinetry designer, Jon Cich to the team. After just five weeks on the job, Jon’s already working with several clients – helping them finalize their cabinet layouts, options and details. “I call myself a cabinet concierge,” says Jon. “Because I’m responsible for creating a smoother, easier experience for the client.”

By learning homeowners “living habits” Jon focuses on the many details involved in specifying and ordering cabinetry – shelves, drawers, doors, dividers, pull-outs, door styles, wood species, trash bins, Lazy Susans, and more. Keeping the budget in mind, he asks a lot of questions about how clients will use the space, and makes recommendations for maximizing storage and saving steps.

With almost 18 years of cabinet experience, Jon is fluent in the wide variety of cabinet features and options available to homeowners.

Jon creates detailed drawings of the cabinets, triple-checks measurements, and  manages the details of the order with the cabinet shop. “Having one person who is responsible for the cabinetry improves communication and prevents mistakes. With one person staying on top of all the details, it’s almost like having an in-house cabinet maker.”







With Jon as a member of our staff, Gonyea Homes is the only custom home builder in the region with an in-house cabinetry designer.