Our Stress-Free Remodeling Process

Phase One: Listen

What You Can Expect: An In-Depth Consultation

  • Learn about you, your family and why you love your home’s location
  • Determine your goals and understand what works in your home and what needs to change
  • Explain holistic remodeling and our design process
  • Establish an investment level or budget range
  • Propose a  design/planning agreement
  • Answer any questions you have about the remodeling process
Phase Two: Create

What You Can Expect: A Comprehensive Project Plan 

Design & Planning

  • We measure your home and/or review your home’s original plans
  • The goals and ideas discussed during your consultation are presented to our drafting team and they create concept plans of your remodel
  • With your project manager, you will review the concept plan and refine it as necessary
  • A budget meeting is held to finalize your planned investment
  • You will work with our interior designers in our design studio to finalize the design details of your project (flooring, finishes, fixtures and more!)
  • You will learn about our BuilderTrend software that you can use to approve selections and view the timeline of your project

Contract & Documentation

  • With your project manager, you will finalize and approve your project plan, your construction drawings, the interior design selections, pricing information and your budget
  • You will be presented a contract to review and sign
  • The designer and project manager will walk-through your home to finalize feasibility and timing. They will also determine the dumpster location and material positioning, how workers will access your home, the location of the lock box and where dust protection will be installed
Phase Three: Transform

What You Can Expect: Organized & Professional Construction

  • You’ll meet your project manager who will be your go-to person throughout construction
  • We’ll keep you updated throughout construction via BuilderTrend and we’ll also call you to check in
  • We’ll treat your home BETTER than ours throughout the process. We love an organized and clean job site.
  • We’ll WOW you with your completed project!
  • We’ll stand by our work with a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. We’ll teach you how to file your warranty claim in BuilderTrend, to make the process easy and efficient.

Holistic Remodeling: Gonyea’s Unique Approach

Gonyea Remodeling Overview


Remodeling your home is exciting, but it’s hard to know where to start. The Gonyea remodeling team uses a holistic process, meaning we balance four key components: design, feasibility, function and investment. It’s our job to minimize the stress and maximize the fun of a major transformation. As a design + build company, we see your project through from start to finish, keeping aesthetics, engineering and budget in mind.

We’re happy to share our time tested and customer approved process. Check out each tab to learn more.

Gonyea Remodeling Plans For Your Future


When you work with the Gonyea remodeling team you will create a home that is a reflection of the life you lead with your family. They’ll consider how your home works with your current lifestyle, but will also plan for your family’s future. The design you choose will meet your goals and it won’t be aspirational or impractical.

The Gonyea design team puts themselves in your shoes, so when the time comes they can give you creative options that will enable you to get the most out of your project.

Gonyea Remodeling Design Process


What will your home look like? It’s fun to dream big and imagine the possibilities. With the help of Gonyea remodelers, we can make your home work better for you in the location you love.

During the design phase we determine what needs to change in your home: flow, form, function or storage. Our focus is to listen to your needs and formulate a creative plan and path towards the best solution. We also examine past repairs, defects, water issues and former remodeling projects so that as we design, we incorporate proposed solutions to past issues.

Gonyea Remodeling Investment


The financial investment you’re prepared to make in your project will drive a lot of your decisions. We help you make sure your expectations of the project are in line with your investment. 

Many clients weigh the project costs vs. the expected return on the future sales of their home. This is a wise approach. Getting the most out of your investment includes choosing high-quality materials, design and construction that will stand the test of time.

However, if you want to build a Tuscan-inspired wine room, a hidden door bookshelf or a room to display your sneaker collection, we’ve got your back.

Gonyea Remodeling Process Feasibility


Knowing what aspects take priority over others in important during a home remodel. Sometimes certain changes need to be implemented before we start renovating. We want to identify any structural concerns as soon as possible.

The Gonyea team takes every part of your home into consideration. Before we start work, we set clear expectations with you so that you understand any feasibility concerns and how they may impact your time and investment. Rest assured knowing your master plan will account for your current and future needs and allow for a seamless, holistic approach to your investment.

Popular Major Transformations

  • Creating An Addition 80%
  • Moving Walls & Reformatting A Floorplan 90%
  • Home Teardown & Rebuild 20%
  • Whole-Home Exterior Transformation 45%

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