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Our Partnership Provides Many Ways To Save


Tradition Mortgage is a top 10 Minnesota-based lender, with access to a full spectrum of mortgage options. They have in-house processing, underwriting and closing services, meaning you can rest assured that your loan will close accurately and on time.


Building a custom home is a fluid process. You may make decisions during construction that will cause your pricing to change. Your Tradition Mortgage specialist will help you navigate the financial impact of these changes. Their partnership with Tradition Capital Bank provides them with more flexibility and options than other mortgage companies.

Peace of Mind

When you finance your project through Tradition Mortgage, draws are processed through Custom Home Builders Title. They act as a trustee on your behalf, insuring loan funds are accounted for and paid directly to vendors upon completion of work.

When Financing Your Home Through Tradition Mortgage, You Can Expect:

Saves You Time

Securing your financing now enables you to focus on making selections for your new home, moving and making lifestyle changes.


Potential Tax Deductions

These deductions are verified by your tax professional.

Closing Cost Savings

Through our partnership, Tradition Mortgage offers a $2,000 credit toward closing costs and a loan origination of .75% vs. 1.0%.


No Monthly Interest Payments

During the construction period, accruing your interest helps you manage cash flow until your home is complete and end financing is put in place.

One-Time Closing

Choosing this program means that you eliminate a second set of closing costs associated with builder financing. Saving you time and money!


Reduced Interest Rate

During construction the interest rate will be 1-2% less compared to builder financing.

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