The Holmes Approved Homes Program

New Homes
Built Right

As a Twin Cities respected builder, we’re proud of our work and we’re not afraid to put it to the test. Gonyea Homes and Remodeling is proud to be the first builder in the United States to qualify as a Holmes Approved Homes Partner Builder. Learn more below.
Buying a new house is big investment – the biggest you will ever make. The Holmes Approved Homes Program allows you to protect your investment by making sure you get a home that’s built right from the ground up.

So, what does that mean? Gonyea clients have the exclusive opportunity to have Mike Holmes’ team of inspectors verify that your home was built right and to a higher standard. If you’re a fan of Mike Holmes, you can anticipate that these inspections go above and beyond the traditional general inspection. There are three different inspection packages to choose from (details provided below), allowing you to choose the inspection that works best for you.

Although he has become a popular television host, Mike Holmes is first and foremost a contractor – one who believes that building to “minimum code” just isn’t good enough. Mike believes you deserve a high performance home that’s energy efficient, healthy, and durable. That’s what Gonyea believes, too. Together, we’re setting a new standard that’s taking residential construction to the next level.

Program Benefits


A Series Of Inspections

Your inspections include on-site field reviews by independent Mike Holmes Inspectors. You’ll get a report documenting the quality and value that exists behind your walls.

A Healthy, Efficient & Durable Home

Holmes Approved Homes inspectors only approve homes built with superior products and materials including: the insulation, furnace, duct work, paints and finishes.

Quality Materials, Proper Installation

Installing vetted products the right way ensures home performance and energy efficiency. Addressing critical details during installation protects your investment.

A Better Home Built For Your Family

Inspection Options