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holmes approved homes in minnesota

Your new custom home will be built to a higher standard. Mike Holmes Inspectors will inspect our work to verify we’re doing the job right.

Although he has become a popular television host, Mike Holmes is first and foremost a contractor – one who believes that building to “minimum code” just isn’t good enough. Mike believes you deserve a high performance home that’s energy efficient, healthy, and durable. That’s what we believe too. Together, we’re setting a new standard that’s taking residential construction to the next level.

Buying a new house is big investment – the biggest you will ever make. Protect your investment by making sure you get a home that’s built right from the ground up.

The HOLMES Approved Homes Program integrates proper building practices with cutting-edge technology and products to build homes that go above and beyond residential standards, from foundation to final inspection.

A HOLMES Approved Home doesn’t just look good. It is good. And Gonyea Homes is the first builder in the United States to qualify as a HOLMES Approved Homes Partner Builder.

New Homes. Built Right.

Your home will be built the way it should be with no shortcuts, according to our unusually high building standards. Mike Holmes Inspectors will inspect our work during critical stages of construction to verify we’re doing the job right.

Healthier, More Efficient, More Durable Homes

A HOLMES Approved Home is better inside and out, thanks to superior building products and materials incorporated into every feature of your home – from the insulation, furnace and duct work to the paints and finishes.

Quality Materials, Proper Installation

HOLMES Approved Homes are built using construction practices that have proven their value and benefits. Installing quality materials the right way ensures home performance and energy efficiency. And you can rest easy, knowing that improper installation won’t void manufacturers’ warranties.

Inspected by Mike Holmes Inspectors

Your home will undergo a series of home inspections, including on-site field reviews by independent Mike Holmes Inspectors. You’ll get a report documenting the quality and value that exists behind your walls.

The things you don’t see in a home are more important than the things you do. And addressing these critical details today protects your investment – saving you time, trouble and money tomorrow.

The HOLMES Approved Homes Program provides confidence in your investment. To learn more, talk to your Gonyea representative. Or download this brochure.

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Holmes Approved Homes

A Gonyea home is different behind the walls. Building to higher standards protects your investment.

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