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gonyea remodeling in Excelsior MN.

Lakeside Teardown in Excelsior

Teardowns and fixer uppers

Many neighborhoods in Minneapolis-St. Paul offer excellent teardown and rehab opportunities. But… People frequently underestimate the real cost of renovation and construction, or pay too much for distressed property.

Based on your budget and wish list, we’ll help you find a property you can renovate or rebuild without going over budget. If you’re shopping for property, talk to us before you make an offer.

Lot Assessments and Expertise

Some lots are easier and less costly to build on than others. Like used cars, some are real lemons! Many come with hidden costs or limitations including, but not limited to:

  • Soil corrections, soil remediation, adding or removing soil
  • Utility connections that are either missing or are not up to code, utility pole relocation, burying utilities
  • Watershed zoning issues, set back and zoning limitations
  • Pending assessments

Our real estate and construction experts can save you from biting off more than you can chew. Ouch! For help finding or assessing a lot, contact us.

Wisdom from experts

Paying too much or unexpected complications can turn building your dream home into a nightmare. For most people, resale value is also an important consideration. Get wisdom from construction experts before you purchase real estate. For more information, visit our model homes and open houses or contact us.

Custom Design Gallery

Homes that are not only expressive, but also functional, healthy, and efficient.

Get Inspired

New Home. Old Neighborhood.

We give vintage homes in established neighborhoods new life.

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